About me
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Fav Movie(movies)-Fright night,Night Before Christmas,The Crow,Scarface,Dased and confused,SLC punk,Edwars Schissorhands,Detroit Rock City,James and the giant peach,Sicth Sence,Chicken run,

Do you belive in god?-No

What is you religeon right now?-Nothing right now
Fav Shows-Bevis and Butthead,Liquid Television,Spongebob,The simpsons,Buffy the Vampire slayrKing of the hill,Invader Zim,Aeon Flux,South park,Kids in the hall,all in the family,any type of anime.


+Music I listen to+
Icon Of Coil
Funker Vogt
Assemblage 23
Skinny Puppy
(ill put mor Bands on later)