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Cd Reveiws
Email me if you would like to see a cd reveiw of one of you favorite bands email me and ill try to find it for you.

  VnV Nation Well, after listening to this album on repeat for the past 9 hours, I have to say that this album fucking rocks. I was afraid that the new album simply wouldn't live up to VNV's previous albums, since some bands have the tendency to release mediocre material once they get really popular. Ronan Harris's vocals actually sound better on this album than they did on "Empires". He has the most amazing voice.
Here's the track-by-track commentary:
"Foreword"- classic VNV intro, featurin spoken word vocal and melodic background music. Sets the mood for the rest of the album.
"Epicentre"- this is a great track with a hard hitting beat that gets me pumped. This is sure to be a dancefloor hit. When i first heard this track, it sounded so familiar somehow, yet i knew i never heard it before, and that's when i decided it needed to turn the volume up.
"Electronaut"- this is a great track that has that classic VNV feel to it, like you're being motivated to fight for something (i dont know, VNV just makes me feel that way sometimes). There's no vocals on this track, and I think it would be better with some vocals in it, but its a great track nonetheless.
"Liegestod"- a relaxing instrumental tarck, with an orchestra sound to it
"Holding On"- A very emotional track with strong, moving vocals. The melody is very minimal and you can just feel the emotion that Ronan puts into this song and it just rips a whole in my heart.
"Cargon" - similarly to "Holding On", this is a slow paced, very emotional song. The lyrics are pure poetry. This is one thing that I absolutely love about VNV Nation, the fact that the lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. This song is about how humans are so destructive and kill everything.
"Genesis"- this is the single which was released before this album. Needles to say, I've already heard this song a million times, from listening to the singles. This track is already a club hit, as it is a great track to dance to and it's simply a fantastic song.
"Structure"- an interesting experimental instrumental track. I would never guess this track was done by VNV Nation, but I think it's great that they're experimenting with different sounds and new directions. "Fearless" - a great track which stays true to VNV's future-pop style. Upbeat and dance oriented.
"Yan" - a ver short instrumental track. Nothing spectacular here, just some filler space. Starts out melodic, and then has a hard, loud pounding sound to it that's almost disturbing.
"Beloved" - one of my favorite tracks on the album. The lyrics are about a long lost love. Very touching and sad and beautiful. Yet, it has a great beat to it that makes you want to dance. I love this song.
"Airships" - the last track on the album, this is a great song to end the album. It's very uplifting, Ronan's voice backed by beautiful melodies. It just puts me in a great mood. Hearing him sing "I'm leaving ground, stepping into a new world", makes me optimistic about the future and confident to take on the challenges that await me.
-reviewed by jet
February 2002

Future Perfect
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